Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Lookouts - Spy Rock Road ... and Other Stories

Before there was Green Day, Gilman St. Project or Lookout Records. There was a young and scrappy young trio known as The Lookouts. Featuring a pre-pubescent Tre-Cool
(future Green Day drummer) Vocalist Larry Livermore (The boy who would go on to cofound Lookout Records) and Kaine Kong (Future forest ranger of all things) and guest appearances by Operation Ivy's Tim Armstrong and future eye liner model and voice of Green Day,
 Billy Joe Armstrong.

Spy Rock Road...
and Other Stories features twenty four songs of raw, spirited Punk Rock anthems. Songs that   give offer a glimpse of what was happening in the Bay Area at the time, while showing hints to the blueprint of what was to come.

When choosing whether or not to invest in Spy Rock Road... please avoid any comparisons to anything Green Day has done post Ker-Plunk.
Despite their current drummers history in either bands. These are not early Green Day outtakes or demos.
If you're a fan of bands such as Crimpshrine and what Lookout Records was producing early on. This is definitely for you. James Damion

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