Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Deafening Colors - Carousel Season

Carousel Season marks the second full length for New Jersey's The Deafening Colors. Music that reflects the duos upbringing in Ocean and Atlantic City with a sound that mixes ambient, shoe gaze and dream pop that grew on me as
I listened. While immediate comparisons to a sleepier, experimental side of
the Beach Boys are unavoidable. One could also reference New Jersey storytellers The Front Bottoms and the long running New Brunswick quintet Sink Tapes.

While The Deafening Colors aren't what we're used to reviewing here at United By Rocket Science. It's definitely something I'd like to see/hear more of in the future. For Carousel Season was definitely something I found myself drawn to more and more with each song. From favorites such as Driving Horse's Ghost,
Waiting For The Axe and the expansive Part Time clocking in at a lengthy 5:30. I felt myself caught up in a moment. Caught up in the beauty of a song. James Damion

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