Saturday, July 18, 2015

All Eyes West - Doomer

One of the many qualities Chicago's All Eyes West possess is there uncanny ability to remind me of the bands I love, while remaining unique and special in somewhat personal manner. Like long time favorites Samiam,
All Eyes West have a knack for writing songs that one can immediately identify with while applying them to your own emotions and experiences.

On their twelve song LP Doomer. AEW continue to build on their gift for producing flawless rock n' roll with a definitive punk rock bravado and aggression.
Drummer Ronnie DiCola keeps the beat as Jeff Dean's titanic guitar attack meets
Justin Millers emotionally drenched vocals/bass  to create songs that feel vital and highly evolved.

All the key ingredients are present. Each coming together to make an excellent record.  Doomer is perfect on so many levelsProduced by the legendary J. Robbins along with the band at Baltimore's Magpie Cage Studios. Robbins also contributes additional vocals as well as instrumentals.  The record comes on both Black and Translucent Blue vinyl. So be sure to specify when ordering. Don't miss out on this. All Eyes West will head to Missouri to start their Summer tour. on the 22nd of July. You can find a lit of dates and places Here.  
James Damion

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