Friday, September 19, 2014

Bad Daddies - You Ain't Right / Teenage Hell / I Don't / Head on a Rail

I really love what the people at Raleigh's Negative Fun Records are doing with their
"Singles Club,
find out more Here.
The labels subscription based singles club is off to a noteworthy start that quickly brings to mind the original
Killed By Death concept.

On my first single I'm treated to the Bad Daddies. The female fronted Livermore, CA band completely caught me off guard, keeping me trapped throughout the duration of their three song banger.
A powerful burst of mindful energy. The bands frenetic energy can easily be credited to vocalist Camylle Reynolds and her powerful vocal presence. The bands style immediately bring to mind Kathleen Hannah, Bikini Kill and some of the more authentic groups that ruled the sound and urgency that became known as the Riot Girl movement. This small sample of both Bad Daddies and Negative Fun Records left a lasting impression on me. One that had me craving for more.
I'm looking forward to hear more from both. James Damion

Negative Fun

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