Friday, September 19, 2014

Positive No - Automatic Cars / Slumber

This exclusive 7' with it's customized cover  and extremely limited press of 50 copies was waiting for me when
I got home last night.

Automatic Cars has all the parts required for building a great song. From the opening bass line to the spiraling guitar sound to Tracy's hypnotic voice.
The A side instantly reminded me of some of  the great Indie Rock of the 90's. Even drawing comparisons to early
Sonic Youth.

Side B's 'Slumber' inspires just what the title suggests.
Slowing things down with its soothing Indie Dream Pop
leanings that are both sweet and addictive. If you get the chance to get this exclusive cover version. I highly recommend it. If not, make sure to get the alternate cover from Negative Fun or download it from Positive No's bandcamp.
I really love what Richmond's Positive No is creating.
Each song leaves me craving for more. Luckily, Positive No seem prepared to deliver.

One can't help but get excited about what Negative Fun is doing with it's Singles Club.
It brings to mind what S.O.L. (Singles Only Label) was doing in the 90's with many diverse acts such as Bob Mould, Earth Pig and Moby. One can only wish them luck as they continue to release this level of quality and diversity. James Damion

Negative Fun Label

Positive No Band Site

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