Friday, September 19, 2014

Midnight Plus One - Like Camera / White Flowers

Comprised of current and former members of Black Skies, Challenger,
Americans in France and
Eagle Bravo. North Carolina's Midnight Plus One, are locally seen as somewhat of a supergroup.
On their contribution to Negative Fun's Singles Club, the band more than earns the right to that title. The A side "Like Camera" has a sinister vibe that's dark and addictive.
I didn't quite get the lyrics, but I'm pretty sure he's singing about the devil, or at the very least, the practice of devilish deeds. A perfect introduction to what Midnight Plus One has going on. "White Flowers" the records B side serves up Low Fi excellence and a dark, tribal element that will make you want to bathe in the mud with your demons. Excellent stuff here. Excellent stuff. James Damion

Negative Fun

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