Monday, August 6, 2012

Satellite Beaver - The Last Bow ep 2012

Satellite Beaver are a stoner band hailing from Warsaw Poland who formed in 2008. The Beaver play a down tuned, somewhat fuzzed out style of metal, with vocals that range from clean to being reminiscent of Matt Pike from Sleep / High on Fire. Actually, my knowledge of stoner metal is fairly limited but I think it may be safe to compare Satellite Beaver to Sleep/HOF.

For the most part the songs presented on the "The Last Bow" ep  move along at a nice thick mid-tempo pace, however Satellite Beaver put the pedal to the metal on the third song  "Way Before" which pummels at a  nice quick pace. Overall, these 4 songs are very promising and leave me curious to hear more. If you're a fan of stoner metal I think Satellite Beaver will be a welcome new addition to your playlist...check em out..Dave G.

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