Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rat Storm - Fractured 7"

Rat Storm - Bloomington Indiana...Fractured 7"

Right from the opening drum beat and rumbling bass line of this 7", before the music really kicks in the band Ottawa came to mind. Once the music kicked in I realized that my initial impression was fairly accurate, at least to my ears. For a little background, Ottawa are a fairly obscure 90's power/grind band featuring members of another obscure 90's band called Current, so I have no idea if Rat Storm ever heard Ottawa, but it really doesn't matter as Rat Storm stand on their own as a fierce  powerful grind influenced hardcore band. Musically Rat Storm do a nice job of  mixing up the tempo, and adding some spoken vocals here and there to keep the listener on their toes, and speaking of vocals, I'm a big fan of female fronted hardcore and punk bands and Nathalie of Rat Storm certainly delivers a strong vocal performance that really gives Rat Storm an edge on the competition in my opinion.

Admittedly, my knowledge of this musical genre is somewhat  limited, however, once in a blue moon a band will catch my attention and make it into my regular rotation and Rat Storm just made the playlist...Dave G.


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