Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living Laser - Versus Pigs 7" (Trip Machine Laboratories)

Living Laser  have a brand new 7" "Versus Pigs" scheduled for a September release on Trip Machine Laboratories. I for one was thoroughly impressed with Living Laser's previous cassette release titled "Ragged Glory",  and have been impatiently waiting for this 7" to drop for months now. Peep out the attached promotional video to see and hear why I have been so eagerly awaiting this release and purchase a record when it drops. I will provide ordering details when the 7" is available for consumption...Dave G.


  1. After you listen to Living Laser, read an interview with them!

  2. Thanks, I will add an interview link to the main body of the post.

  3. Ohhh cool. Thanks so much! Great that you are doing this site, cool stuff.