Monday, August 13, 2012

Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Waste split 12" Tankcrimes Records 2012

Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust hail from Richmond VA and have been banging out the old school thrash metal jams for a number of years now firmly establishing  themselves as two of the main heavy  hitters in the Metal/Punk Cross over thrash underground.

If you're a fan of 80's thrash / crossover bands like Nuclear Assault, Leeway, Destruction. Kreator.Sodom etc. and you have somehow never heard either Municipal Waste or Toxic Holocaust then give this 12" a listen and go buy some vinyl from Tankcrimes...The label still has a variety of color vinyl options available for your listening and viewing pleasure, and musically this 12" is loaded with killer thrash riffs, loads of energy and everything you need to have a head banging good time...Dave G. 

Label Bio:

"MUNICIPAL WASTE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST, the two bands that brought Thrash back from the punk basements to the big stage, together on one record! Two tracks each, exclusive to this vinyl split and amazing cover art by Andrei Bouzikov too. Speed Metal Punx!"

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