Friday, April 17, 2015


Here's Part 2 of Noisey's documentary on legendary Judge Frontman Mike (Judge) Ferraro. As I watched this footage I clearly remember hearing the Judge demo tape for the first time at a party on Civ's (Gorilla Biscuits) parents block. How we all wanted a piece of it. 
We all begged Luke Abbey (Warzone) for a copy, but it was so secret at that moment. 
No one was getting a copy. As I watched this footage. I kept thinking how much the band meant to me and how, even today it stands as the most personal part of my time as a resident of NYHC. What you're about to watch is, to put it lightly, epically chilling. 
Having been to the shows, witnessing the violence and hearing the endless shit talking and rumors that involved the band and the straightedge scene as a whole. I found it hard not to shed a tear. I'm grateful the someone's finally taken the time to help Mike finally tell his story. James Damion

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