Friday, April 17, 2015

Music Log Day 1; Orange 9MM - Dry (For Gina)

Welcome to a new feature on United By Rocket Science. One that I give full credit to my Aussie friend Ted Dougherty who recently started one under the same name on his Facebook page.  Each installment will feature a song, video or album. (Most likely a favorite of mine at one point or another) and a personal story or anecdote relating to it. Being that this is my first installment. I really can't say how this will evolve. There is no timeline or genre relation for these posts. I'll just post when the spirits are willing. You know, keep it loose. Thanks for the inspiration Ted. All proceeds go to a charity of your choice. James Damion

While I'm not sure if I was living in Hell's Kitchen or was still commuting to work from 
Staten Island.  At the time of Orange 9mm's debut release on Revelation Records I was working at a Jazz label that also booked floating Jazz Festivals with my best friend 
Gina (Last Daze) Lawson. At the time, we were both still heavily involved in the NYHC scene and major fans of bands like Absolution and Burn. On the rare occasions we managed to gain control of the offices stereo, we'd blast everything from Sick of it All to Sheer Terror to 
Eye Hate God. One one particular day, my lunch break took me over to nearby 
St. Marks Street where I picked up a copy of Orange 9mm's Revelation Records debut. 
The four song EP had some stellar tracks, with Dry being my personal favorite. 

My good friend Gina died some years back, but her spirit will always live on with me. 
Her smile, laugh, generosity and love for the music. How she used to call Sick of it All 
"My Boys" and how her burps always smelled like a mix of Heineken and Doritos. 
She left behind a son named Kyle whom I have not seen or heard from in years. She was loved by just about everyone, including my Grandmother Veronica. As far as Orange 9mm, the band went on to put out a number of successful albums. None of which resonated with me quite like that first EP. The records 3rd track Decide, is still in heavy rotation some twenty years later. 

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