Friday, December 12, 2014

United By Images; Vision (Up Close)

Though New Jersey's contributions to Hardcore often lie in the shadows of
New York's storied history. The garden state's contributions to the genre are just as colorful and numerous as that of their neighbor to the east.  While bands like Adrenalin O.D., Underdog, Hogans Heroes, Supertouch, Turning Point, Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls immediately come to mind. Vision was one of the first that connected with me on more than one level. While the band would rightfully find it's place amongst the many NY/NJ Hardcore matinee in the 80's,  90's and beyond.. It was their D.C. / Dag Nasty hooks and melodies that I found inspiring. Decades after I got my first taste of Vision at a CBGB's Sunday matinee. I'm still stuck on those hooks, break and rhythms. In the handful of times I've seen them in recent years. They've never made me regret gassing up the car and making the trip south.
A band that, without a doubt, has stood the test of time.


Debuting the new feature "United By Images" with Vision makes a lot of sense to me.
Having grown up in New York and eventually moving to New Jersey. In some weird way,
I feel I've come full circle. James Damion

"You never thought about the consequences. You never thought at all. I never thought you'd be the one to ever take the fall." Falling Apart

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Peter Tabbot
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