Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cicada Radio - Crime Waves EP

On Crime Waves, the bands third release to date. Kearny New Jersey's Cicada Radio continue to grow and evolve musically. The band, featuring brothers Patrick and
Michael Keefe, (Guitar/Vocals) Brandon Barren (Bass) and Josh Bartsch (Drums) have built a foothold in the New Jersey indie scene since 2010.

The EP features six songs that offer rewarding melodies and textures that sweepingly compliment and shape atmospheric, dreamlike vocal landscapes. There's a certain vulnerable urgency about Keefe's voice that makes Cicada Radio feel vital, yet easily accessible. Giving these songs a sense of intimacy while still remaining accessible to the listener. In each of the times I've listened to
Crime Waves. I've found myself drawn to a different song. While Carcosa opens the set with promise. The EP's fourth track Tomorrow is an absolute joy that brings together some of the bands best songwriting qualities.  The closer Mercenaries, which clocks in at a lofty 4:46 is as beautiful as it is boundless.

While the bands name and EP title might remind you of some of the punker leanings of many of the current Jersey acts. Cicada Radio seem to offer so much more. Being that this blog just around the time of Cicada Radio's first release Imposter. I feel as if i've grown up alongside of the band's sound and overall development. Looking back, it's easy to say they've taken a major step forward with each release. James Damion

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