Friday, June 27, 2014

Stuyvesant Invades Ludlow Street's Cake Shop

Sunday night I awoke from  my anti social coma and headed down to Ludlow St. to enjoy a set from one of my favorite live acts, Stuyvesant. Though I'd been making excuses all week when it came to going out. I felt that I somehow owed it to myself to brake out of whatever slump I was in. Wedged between two other acts, (Guy with a keyboard and a computer) and Miss Lonely Heart, ( reunited act that, just two nights prior, played it's first show in more than ten years.) Stuyvesant were just what I needed musically. There uplifting, energetic power pop is always there when I need a lift or a reason to brighten my already cheery demeanor. The band just recently wrapped up recording a new album. One I hope sees a release date sometime this summer. Look for it on Dromedary Records and look below for some pictures of the band. James Damion

 Ralph Malanga

 Sean Adams 

Brian Musikoff
 Pete Martinez

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