Friday, June 20, 2014

Ache - 2014 Demo

They say that people often mellow with age. After listening to these five songs,
I'm guessing Ache never got the memo. The band, just over six months old features some veterans of the Hardcore/Punk scene including Ryan Bland (SInger) and Matty Gelsomino (Guitarist) of the short lived yet stellar defunct NYHC acts Dead Serious and Abject. Though it's always sad when good bands decide to call it quits. It often opens the doors for X members to form new creative and exciting acts. Ache's five song demo not only proves this theory, it cements it with this, their first demo.

Fast paced, guitar driven Hardcore Punk with a screamo vocal approach that is harsh, yet soulful. Five songs that sound more like a debut 7' EP than a demo. Fierce vocals and lyrics driven by three key motivators (emotion, pain and alienation). From as far back as his days with the Bushmen and most notably Home 33. Ryan Bland has established himself as one of the fiercest frontmen to ever hit the stage or the mic. While the forceful riffs and pitt bull vocals on "Snakebite" are undeniable. A perfect demonstration of the bands ferocity. It's the Leeway inspired "Dirty Roads" with it's Leeway inspired chorus that got more than a dozen go rounds on my headphones. Ache leave a a large footprint with their debut. One that will lead most to look forward to more. You can pick up the demo at one of the shows or contact the band through their Bandcamp, Regardless, keep your eyes out for Ache.
They are definitely a band on the rise. James Damion

Ache NYHC  Facebook

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