Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jersey City's The Black Hollies Call it Quits

Jersey City's The Black Hollies have officially called it quits. The band originally formed in 2005 and featured Herb Willey and John Gonneli of The Rye Coalition. The quartet quickly signed with Brooklyn's Ernest Jennings Records and officially debuted in 2006 with the 
self-produced "Crimson Reflections". The bands sound was a perfect mix of 60's, Alternative, Psychedelic, Space Rock, Garage, Noise and Rock. Their most recent release was 2014's "Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere." Needless to say, they left us with a lot of great music and memories. They will surely be missed. No reason has been given for the breakup as of yet. One can only hope it's an internet hoax or a belated April Fools joke.

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