Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Songs For Snakes - Year of The Snake

Songs For Snakes are back with the follow up to 2012's  "Charcoal Heather"  and while there are a few subtle sonic difference on
"Year of The Snake".  the album delivers much the same kick, passion and catchiness that first caught my attention on their debut Lp
"Charcoal Heather".

Musically, the backbone of the bands sound is firmly planted in the straight forward Jawbreaker / Husker Du Style of days gone by, which is fine with me.
As a whole,
"Year of The Snake" contains an excellent selection of songs that  are for the most part memorable, hook laden and  highly likely to be buzzing around your brain long after you pick the needle up off the turntable.

Visually, yes visually the letter pressed album cover and color vinyl combination are stunning and worth owning on their own merit.

I highly recommend Songs For Snakes to anyone who enjoys straight forward pop punk that leans more towards the punk side of things. I would also recommend that you do yourself a favor and run on over to Songs For Snakes  band camp page to  give  
"Year of The Snake" a listen,  and to also  add this beautiful record to your vinyl collection ...Dave G.



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