Friday, May 23, 2014

Lovechild - S/T 7"

If there was ever a clean cut case for
"Don't let the name fool you." Massachusetts' Lovechild would be walking out of court with their collective arms raised in a celebratory "V".

Following Boston's legacy of hard as fuck, rip your face out and eat the innards bands. Lovechild hit us  with an eleven song hatchet job that refuses to leave my turntable. The band takes on a stripped down, bare bones approach to Punk with raw, high pitch screams and driving relentless guitar noise.  Whether that's your bag of tricks or not, what Lovechild produce here is worth merit and deserving of your attention. The intensity on this record more than matched their live performance. The band followed their recent stop in New Jersey with a short tour of of Canada.
Recorded at Maximum Sound in Danvers, MA. The record comes on color vinyl.
(My copy is on Red.) James Damion

Mayfly Records Buy it Here

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