Friday, May 23, 2014

Ink & Sweat / Caseracer - Split 7"

I've always enjoyed a good split EP. An appetizer best savored when the ingredients feature uniquely different flavors. Here, Ink & Sweat and Caseracer team up for a five song split that perfectly showcases each bands approach, style and muscle.

Tampa based Ink & Sweat deliver a mix of impressive guitar prowess and sing along choruses. Each of the two songs presented here,
from the opening lead on "Brickwalls and Pitfalls" to the sing along chorus of "Our Words as Swords" leave a lasting impression on the listener. Hardcore swagger is one thing, but when  backed by excellent musicianship and good song writing ability, you've got something really special to build on.
Delaware/New Jersey's Caseracer deliver a sound that can easily be compared to
New Brunswick legends Lifetime, with their quick start/stop approach to Hardcore.
Listening to their side of the wax transports me to my younger days standing eyeball to eyeball with Ari Katz at some undisclosed New Brunswick basement show.
That can't possibly be a bad thing.  James Damion

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