Friday, May 23, 2014

Dead Ending - S/T

If it were not for the fact that I've been stalking Jeff Dean on Facebook for years,
I might not have even heard about the formation of Dead Ending.
Lucky for anyone reading this,
I keep tabs on things.
To say the very least, this record is far too good to let slip through the cracks or be considered as just another side project by former/ current members of Articles of Faith, Alloy, All Eyes West,
The Bomb, Alkaline Trio and
Rise Against

The bands debut EP features a stripped down, early 80's Hardcore sound delivered by one of the genres great voices Vic Bondi. Though just a small sample of this bands organic sound, Vic's voice serves as somewhat of a mission statement. A blueprint for the often overstated Supergroup. Each of the five songs on this EP work perfectly together to quicken the pace and get the blood pumping.
However, Dead Ending save the very best for last with the rousing and anthemic
"All the Way Down". Solidifying Dead Ending's presence as one of the best things the genre has produced in years. James Damion

Bridge 9 Records Buy it Here

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