Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pour the Pirate Sherry - Mirror Highs

In each of the several times I've seen Passaic County's Pour the Pirate Sherry. 
I feel I've walked away with more than I bargained for. More than I'd ever expect from a band with such a head scratcher of a name.The Passaic County trio featuring Jarett Quintana (guitars and vocals, ex- We're All Broken guitarist) Paul Beir, (current Reese Van Riper, former Vapor Apes and Paid in Full bassist) and 
Chris Osborne (Drums ex -The Escape Engine) just might surprise you.

The bands sound dances along the lines of alternative, indie and straight up rock while never straying far from the basic formula of what makes a good song, bass line or riff.
"Minor Highs" second track "Safetypen" displays a raucous party attitude with it's driving, upbeat aggression.
"New Space" continues to warm me up with it's convincing leads and twisting bass lines. One can help but celebrate the warm melodies the band delivers here. "All Most Had it" rocks a bit harder with a dreamy vocal approach that has me thinking of Evan Dando creating a Lemonheads classic on a porch somewhere in Cambridge. "Cars Gone" furthers the promise of this very busy band. Ending the set on a high note with some really sweet hooks and a bit of a Teenage Fanclub feel. With Minor Highs behind me. It might be time I look past the bands name and judge them on the music their creating. Look my peers in the eyes and say
"I too love to Pour the Pirate Sherry." James Damion

Pour the Pirate Sherry

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