Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gameface - Now is What Matters NOW

With the overwhelming amount of underwhelming reunion albums we've heard in recent years it's hard to manage even the lowest expectations when one of your go to bands from your past announces their reentry into the music fray, so when I heard that voice from the not so distant decade known as the 90's declare "We're getting the band back together." I could barely muster a "ho hum".

As someone who spent countless hours listening to Gameface in the 90's and not so distant past, I feel pretty confident in saying this is the best material the band's produced to date. Time apart has allowed the bands sound, song writing and overall gift for melody to grow and mature rather nicely. Though the melodies and harmonies that dominated the bands California sound are still there, they've matured and gotten even better with age. There are some really special moments throughout.
"Regular Size", "Always On" will remind you of everything you loved about the band.
While "Lifetime Acheivement Award" might serve to enlist a new generation of fans.

The album features several guest vocalists including Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo),
Frank Daly (Big Drill Car), Jon Bunch (Sense Field) and Arty Shepherd (Errortype:11).
"Now is what matters NOW" serves as the follow up to their recent "Come On Down"
seven-inch single, which established their reunion and new label alike in November 2013.

Though I'm not quite ready to buy my ticket to the reunion circuit just yet.
"Now is what matters NOW" proves that you CAN look back while still managing to look forward. James Damion

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