Monday, April 21, 2014

The Jonathan Levin Gallery Presents; "Mosh Pits" by Dan Witz

This past weekend I headed to Chelsea's Jonathan Levin Gallery to attend the book signing for "No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes" As I made my way to the ninth floor and the gallery. I came across two current exhibitions. The book signing event sat amongst the awe inspiring paintings of Dan Witz fittingly titled "Mosh Pits". As I made my way from painting to painting. I couldn't help but appreciate the incredible detail and personality of his works. I felt drawn to the characters and personalities launched into battle by slowed down tribal rhythms. The expressions and detailed tattoos I'd seen countless times in others. 

Dan began his journey as a musician in his twenties before moving on to photography and eventually, painting. His experience photographing mosh pits at shows gave him the ability where he could sense the time, movement and flow of the crowd. Eventually allowing him to capture the energy and emotion in these paintings. I could say so much more but I'll leave it to you to see for yourself. 
James Damion
For more information visit:

Jonathan Levin Gallery 529 West. 20th Street 9th Floor. New York, NY 10011

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