Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adios Mafia - Hot-Blooded American Awesome

Adios Mafia's "Hot-Blooded Amercan Awesome" is a straight up no holds barred Punk Rock N' Roll party album.  Everything about this cd comes off as a bit tongue in cheek, from the aliases the band members play under, to the  braggadocious one sheet that accompanied the cd and the hand written note that explains how the band gained street cred playing at local crack houses in the Bronx NY.

Moving on to the music, all jokes aside, this cd is pretty damn great. Every song is memorable and infectious with Nick Marvalous providing a voice and vocal delivery that fits the bands style and attitude perfectly.

There is something brewing in the Bronx waters recently...first we get the excellent Poor Lily and now Adios Mafia, as a matter of fact there are musical similarities that can be drawn between the two bands so if your a fan of Poor Lily then you need to give Adios Mafia a listen, and if you have no idea who either of these bands are then you need to put  both bands on regular rotation...Dave G.

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