Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Living Laser - Find A Way

This is the third review I  have done for Living Laser here on UBRS. First I reviewed their demo tape and then a 7" and now their first full length Lp.  This debut  Lp is pretty much exactly what I expected to get from these Hudson Valley NY hardcore veterans. The music itself it mostly fast paced with some really great tempo changes dropped in to keep things interesting. I feel there is a pretty strong Leeway feel to the music, however Living Laser lean more to the new school hardcore way of things and a little further away from the metal leanings that were a big part of the Leeway sound.

Overall, Living Laser have delivered  an excellent album that should appeal to the readers of UBRS...grab a color vinyl copy quick before you wish you had...Dave G.

Living Laser

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  1. Excellent record Dave. I just got mine on "Coke Bottle Clear" vinyl. I definitely get the Leeway vibe on tracks like "Trample My Potential" and "Inside Out". Thanks for turning me on to this.