Friday, March 14, 2014

Hispanics Causing Panic In the Early NYHC Scene.

Earlier this month Freddy Alva put me on to his latest post to the Quixotic Dreams blog. 
In this recent post Freddy (Born in Peru) highlights the many contributions hispanics made to the early NYHC scene. Individuals from varied nations and family backgrounds who played a major part in building New York's rarely documented underground. Roger Miret of 
Agnostic Front (born Rogelio De Jesus in Havana, Cuba…passport shown above), 
The Cro-Mags, The Stimulators, Antidote, Heart Attack, Major Conflict, The Mob, 
Token Entry, Leeway, The Casualties and many more. Freddy has a unique gift for story telling and recalling interesting and personal pieces of his and our history. Go check out his blog and see for yourself. James Damion

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