Friday, February 14, 2014

TV Sound - Amber Glass High

With an ancestry deeply routed in Kearny, New Jersey's infamous and secretive Punk Rock Mafia. TV Sound have resurrected their late 90's Rock Punk to stake a claim to the throne.
'Amber Glass High' seven song blast of high octane Rock n' Roll marks their second release on
Killing Horse Records and their first newly recorded material since the original release of
'Record Jacket Life' back in 1999. Review Here
Guitar driven Rock and working class anthems resonate throughout each song. Favorites like the rousing and anthemic
'Get Your Gear on' and
'The Girl You Never Got' highlight the band's blue collar appeal. While the live version of
'We Laughed at the World' cement the bands presence as a band of the people and for the people. In listening to TV Sound, I find myself drawing comparisons between label mates
The Everymen and Dromedary Records The 65's. 'Amber Glass High' serves as the soundtrack to dirty hands and scraped knuckles. A perfect fit on the jukebox of your local pub, tavern or watering hall.
James Damion

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