Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sound is Fine - S/T EP

When a friend (Or someone who seems to be under the guise that your opinion amounts to little more than two cents.) decides to drop his latest project on your lap. The first thing that often comes to mind is "Oh God, I hope this doesn't suck." Lucky for everyone involved, The Sound is Fine more than lived up to their namesake.

Fuzzed out guitars battle bratty vocals while spacious melodies wash over the listener like cocaine on the set of
Two and a Half Men.
The opening track
'Big Dream Kid' immediately brings to mind 90's indie Rockers Archers of Loaf.
While 'Another Pup Kicked' and 'Blackout' swim in the deep end of the pool with a mix of 70's Hard Rock and 90's Alternative excellence. The EP's closer 'Running in Squares' has spacey and atmospheric characteristics that remind of the members former band
The Nico Blues. Although I miss the Indie sweethearts. It's nice to see its former members break new ground and explore new things.With a debut this good,
The Sound is Fine are sure to make a mark on the ever changing indie music landscape.
James Damion

The Sound is Fine  Get it Here

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