Friday, February 7, 2014

The Gaslight Anthem - The B-Sides

When a band or record label decide to release a B - Sides collection. It's almost a sure sign of either a band in decline or one long gone. In this case The Gaslight Anthem's latest 'The B-Sides' appears to be a small offering to fans clamoring for a new album from their beloved band.
'B-Sides' features eleven tracks, six of which are acoustic and one live. Noteworthy is the moving cover of Pearl Jam's
'State of 'Love and Trust' (Recorded live at NYC's
Webster Hall.)  Side B's
'Songs for Teenagers' and the acoustic 'American Slang' also earn favorite status on this overall underwhelming collection of songs. While not a bad album, it's moments, like on the bands uninspiring cover of The Rolling Stone's
'Tumbling Dice', that reminded me why B Side albums and Box Sets have earned their reputation as disappointing and ultimately unnecessary.

When investing in a bands B-sides or unreleased songs. You'd be wise not to have the highest expectations you'll be hearing the artist's best work. You're most likely going to get exactly what's presented here. With that said. 'B - Sides' shows a band that appear to be losing their luster. As someone who once sang their praises as much as their choruses.
The Gaslight Anthem have slowly become just another band to me. Granted, Brian Fallon remains a gifted song writer and storyteller. I just wish he'd use a fresh brush every now and then to paint his landscapes. I might stick around longer to enjoy the view. 
James Damion

Side One Dummy  Get it Here

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