Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dahlia Seed - Full Sets

Whenever the conversation of "best bands of the 90's" or "What bands left the most lasting impression on you over the years." comes up. Most of the people I've spoken to will pull a large and inflated name out of their hat and drop it as if it was scalding pan of grits. 
Bands they discovered through Billboard charts, MTV or a Rolling Stone cover story. For me personally, it was always about the smaller local bands. The ones I had the opportunity to see in local clubs, bars, basements and random holes in the wall. One of my absolute favorites was a Rockland County band known as Dahlia Seed. I first met Tracy in 92/93 during a trips to Maxwell's and Flipside Records. Having seen them at Maxwells, 
ABC No Rio, Tramps and a handful of other holes. At the time, I knew for sure I was witnessing something special and very unique. Their performances ran the gamut of raw, emotions and unbridled energy. I often recall how Tracy's cathartic performances often made the hair on my arm stand on end. Needless to say, they left a lasting impression on this idealistic twenty something. 
These days I still call Tracy a friend and since moving to New Jersey at the tail end of 2000. Have developed friendships with Darin (Drummer, Chris (Guitar) and Jon (Second Guitarist) and continue to view the band as one that left an indelible foot print on my life. Enough of my rambling. I hope you enjoy these two full sets I've posted. Until the next time. 
James Damion

Last FM Dahlia Seed

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