Monday, October 24, 2011

Blue Chip Village - Self Titled EP

"What if Craig Wendren of Shudder to Think decided to start a Jazz fueled Jam band?" That's the question I  had to ask myself upon listening to Brooklyn's Blue Chip Village. The answer to that question and many more can be found on this gem.

The record opens with "Gusto". A song that notifies the listener that their ears are about to be treated to something very special. Ripe with wiry guitars, falseto vocals and a deep bass/drum sound. The overall range and eccentricities are impressive to say the least.

On "Two and the Tag" Mr. Gesualdi plays both 
Mad Hatter and Ringleader with his soaring vocals blaring the chorus 
"Blue electric tango / Bearing sweet mango". 
All is we're treated to some of the sweetest eccentricities of soaring guitars and falling drums. 
The EP comes to a close with "The Biggest Stopwatch You could Ever Imagine" which begins with the vibe of dark, bluesy Jazz cafe. Smoothed out vocals matched with the feel of a stand-up bass and a guitar weeping over its bourbon .

Here is an EP that caught me a little off guard but had me wishing for more. Blue Chip Village is not only worth looking into but a band I would really love to watch grow and expand. Their potential seems limitless. James Damion 

Blue Chip Village  Official
Blue Chip Village  Facebook

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