Monday, January 11, 2016

Youth Brigade - Complete First Demo

Dischord Records continues to do an incredible balancing act. Releasing new and vital music while finding time to honor it's much celebrated history. In addition to a steady stream of praise worthy reissues. The label has managed to conduct some successful archeological digs that have unearthed never before pressed demos and studio sessions from storied acts such as Fugazi and Rites of Spring to their earliest and perhaps most sought after icons 
State of Alert, Void and Faith to name a few. DC's Youth Brigade (Not to be confused with the California act of the same name.) came in to existence upon the break ups of Washington DC area bands The Teen Idles and The Untouchables. Nathan Strejcek 
(Teen Idles Vocalist) and Danny Ingram  (The Untouchables Drummer) formed 
Youth Brigade. Soon after becoming part of Dischord Records first four 7' inch EP's with their eight song offering "Possible".

Just as expected, the sound is raw, unhinged and rudimentary. Displaying what you would expect from a young band playing  and in essence, helping to create a style of music that is essentially, still in it's infancy. Eight quick and sonic outbursts of impassioned anger and alienation. One of which, the aptly titled "Waste of Time" fails to even clear the one minute mark. 

Youth Brigade's complete first demo, recorded by the now legendary Don Zientara and Skip Groff at Inner Ear Studios in the Summer of 1991. Thus making it older than many of our readers. The edition of the single reviewed here was pressed on orange vinyl. 

It really speaks volumes about the power of Punk, Hardcore and the original D.I.Y. ethos when material recorded more than a quarter century ago can feel so vital and easy to relate to. Music is funny that way. James Damion

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