Friday, March 27, 2015

Crumbsuckers - Life of Dreams Reissue

Reissued on Back on Black records just in time for the bands inevitable 30 year reunion at this years salute to Hardcore and Hardcore reunions. the Black N' Blue Bowl.
"Life of Dreams" the
Long Island bands 80's debut Metal Crossover  classic, along with it's ill received and thoroughly forgettable follow up "Beast of my Back" get the limited edition reissue treatment.

The band which featured former Krakdown singer Chris Notaro, Gary Meskil (Propain) and
Dan Richardson (Life of Agony) were synonymous
(for better or worse) with the mid 80's crossover that brought Thrash Metal to Hardcore.

Revisiting this 86' classic some thirty years later allowed me to enjoy "Life of Dreams" with a wider brush than I had when I was a mere 16 years old. A time when Crossover and Metal were making it's mark on a genre that was just beginning to change my life. While this reissue served as much needed upgrade to my original copy. The music and it's sociopolitical lyrics still ring true 'till this day.
Overall, "Life of Dreams" stands a timeless classic. One worth the reissue treatment. The album is limited to 999 copies and features an impressive gatefold cover with lyrics to each song.  This record does not include a download code. While I'm not sure about the varying colors Back on Black are offering. My copy came on milky white180 gram vinyl.
James Damion

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