Thursday, July 18, 2013

Purple Suns - Yours

On their second release and follow up to January's 'Mines' EP, South Jersey's
Purple Suns show they are definitely a band on the rise with their impressive take on Metal and to be more precise, Stoner Rock. 'Yours', like its predecessor features four tracks that left a deep and sludgy footprint on this listener. Purple Suns deliver early Sabbath influenced vocals with fuzzed out dirty riffs and downright depressing rhythms.  Elements that reach vicious heights on tracks like 'Villains' and 'Concussion'.
Though somewhat different in style and approach,
'Mines' and 'Yours' compliment one another when played as an album. 'Yours' showcases a progression in the bands evolving sound and style. Impressive considering these guys are still a band in their infancy. Purple Suns seem to be brewing a sound comparable to current heavy hitters Kylesa and High on Fire. Knowing that these guys are cooking things up in our own backyard of Jersey is a comforting thought.
James Damion

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