Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WARXGAMES - 9 Trax / No Nightmare

Blistering hardcore punk delivered at lightning speed with pin point precision and accuracy.
WARXGAMES takes all the speed and nihilism of early hardcore thrash and attack it with  new sharpened claws.
Featuring members of Deep Sleep, Mindset, Oak and The Pist, the band more than lives up to it's Hardcore pedigree. Nine nihilistic songs delivered in less than nine blistering minutes.
Though the songs remind this listener of bands such as
The Abused, Infest, Brotherhood and to get downright obscure,
NYC Mayhem. The band and the songs featured more than create their own identity. It's the dark and ominous uncle that the clean cut, Champion adorned straight edge bands warned you about. Get ready to get dirty.
James Damion

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