Thursday, July 25, 2013

Collapse - Disarm EP

Female fronted Hardcore band from Detroit that features impassioned vocals and riffs that rip and shred their way through some of the most impressive and sinister rhythms. The vocals are particularly impressive here,
finding a middle ground that walks the tightrope between more melodic Hardcore and Screamo.
Throughout the genre's history
I really can't recall any female fronted Hardcore bands that kept my attention or gained my admiration. Mostly due to a delivery that was often overbearing and discordant. Thanks to Collapse and a handful of new acts such as locals Archie Alone and Ides, that seems to be changing.
Collapse are the perfect balance. While tracks like "Fuck you, we're done" bring to mind
The Avengers and Penelope Houston, The opener "Animal" makes me wonder
"What if the New York's Nausea had a more melodic side to them?" Each of the eight tracks featured on 'Disarm' left an indelible mark on me. I can only hope to hear more soon.

If you're lucky enough to grab some hard copy of 'Disarm'. It comes in an artsy yet stark black dvd sized gatefold cover. Though the band is currently touring in our area I'm finding it difficult to find much information on them. Hopefully that will change soon. James Damion

Collapse Get it Here

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