Friday, February 22, 2013

The Last Stand - The Time is Now LP

Many of my favorite records require a few go throughs before really getting a sense of what works and what makes me really appreciate  just what it is about that particular grouping of songs that resonate with me. "The Time is Now" reminded me of that, with one exception. In listening to these songs the first and second time through. I felt an immediate kinship with the music and the songs. However, it wasn't until
I sat down to write this review that I realized just what that connection was. It was that
The Last Stand and
"The Time is Now" reminds me of all the things I loved about late 80's Hardcore mixed with  the very few things that kept me interested in the genre during the 90's.
Heavy riffage, deep rhythms and pile on backing  vocals run rampant throughout the records thirteen songs. Scondotto's voice is powerful, delivering smart lyrics that convey strength and mental toughness. Imagine, if you can, a more fluid, cohesive sounding Roger Miret (Agnostic Front).Though  the bands sound easily follows the lineage of acts such as Sick of it All, Madball and the aforementioned Agnostic Front. The Last Stand clearly create their own identity while establishing themselves as a Hardcore act to help fuel the future of the genre. James Damion

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