Friday, February 15, 2013

Rough Kids - The State I'm In

I've come to a point where I find myself picking up records from Sorry State Records based solely on the clout and reputation the label has built for itself over the years. Much like Revelation Records did in the late 80's. Sorry State is releasing the very best the punk and hardcore communities have to offer.

I came across LA's Rough Kids on the "new releases" section of the label's website.
The labels history matched with the Rough Kids eye catching album artwork more than warranted a purchase. Upon arrival, I slapped it on the turntable, eager to listen to my well chosen investment.

On the band debut full length, L.A.'s Rough Kids deliver some excellent 77' style Punk Rock that might draw comparison and find influence in bands of that era. A nice mix of the adolescent angst of The Undertones and The Buzzcocks ability to write memorable lyrics and choruses. Add to it the guitar bombast of Johnny Thunders with a splash of The Jam's angular guitar smarts. The Rough Kids bring all these elements together to form their own sound. Helping to make "The State I'm In" one hell of an album. Thanks to the Rough Kids and Sorry State Records for this dose of Punk Rock excellence. James Damion

Get it Here  Sorry State Records

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