Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boxed Wine - Cheap, Fun EP

It's been a cold, harsh winter here in New Jersey with few signs that it will ever let up. Luckily, there have been minor exceptions to the currently freezing rule of thought.
On January 22, our very own musical hedgehog,
Boxed Wine, released their three song EP titled
"Cheap Fun". Letting us know that better days are almost here. Many a time I've had to remind myself that life is all about the little things. Less is more and sometimes, big things come in small packages. All clique's aside, that is exactly what Boxed Wine have come to mean to me. They are the loose change in my couch. The twenty dollar bill I sometimes find in a coat I haven't worn in years. The pint of mirth you have to special order at your local watering hole.

The band takes a step forward stretching their musical legs a bit with "Cheap Fun".
Adding more texture and atmospheric elements to their sound without ever forgetting what made their first EP so special. See Review Here  "Bones" is an uplifting jaunt with rousing backing vocals and sweet riffs. Chris Mactire's effortless vocal deliveryoften remind me of a cross between that of  Scott Thompson of Meet Pause and Brian Sella of
The Front Bottoms. (A major compliment as far as I'm concerned) "Dayglow" crashes the party with a little more force before revealing itself as a pure party anthem. The quirky and very danceable "Boomerang" sends us home with it's very warm, inviting vibe that had me dancing in my editors chair. Boxed Wine may not change the world but it might just teach it to smile, have fun and dance, dance.
In times like theses, what more could you ask for? Go check it out.
James Damion

Cheap, Fun  Get it Here

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