Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sautrus - Kuelmaggah Mysticism: The Proloque EP

Every now and then we get a request for a review from outside of the country. The majority of which don't even seem to come close to matching the kind of material we cover here at United By Rocket Science. That said, when I first came across The Proloque EP from Sautrus I was not expecting much return on the bands download. Never mind the name, title or the fact that this came to me all the way from Poland. This complete "Out of Left Field" surprise is a complete gem and one of my most listened to EP's of the late year.

Kuelmaggah Mysticism offers four songs of sludgy,
Stoner Metal that also offers a good dash of bluesy, 70's Hard Rock debauchery. Weno's vocals are deep, soulful and bluesy while still holding down the Rock n' Roll fort. There are moments on "The Blackest Hole/Black Hole" that remind me of an insanely dark and sinister MRI I had last week at 2:30 in the morning. I found myself immediately hooked on these four tracks. One can only hope that the band will delivering many more dirty little gems in quick form. With hope the wait won't be long.
Very impressive. James Damion

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