Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chris Neptune - S/T

Every now and then our blog gets a submission that has us scratching our head and wondering "Do they have any idea what we do here?" "Did this artist take even a few seconds to explore the content of the blog?"

"How would you like your white bread sir?" "White, very white with the crusts cut off and an unhealthy dollop of mayonnaise for good measure." That is how I would describe the sampling
I received. Chris' bio only tells part of the story. Influences ranging from Alan Parsons Project to Toto to John Mayer to Coldplay. Chris manages to gain inspiration and ammunition from the dullest and most uninspiring artists to plague the universe with their horse tranquilizing odes to sedation. If I can take anything positive from listening to this it would be that the track "You'll be Surprised" had me racing through You Tube for the theme song to the 80's TV show "Greatest American Hero". In support of his EP and upcoming full length; Chris recently headlined 'The Crossroads' in Garwood, NJ. Sadly, I was unable to attend. That would have been interesting to say the very least.  James Damion

Chris Neptune

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