Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dot Dash - Winter Garden Lite

Washington D.C.'s Dot Dash may not be immediately recognizable to our readers but the bands personnel have been staples to the indie and punk community for decades. Guitarist/Vocalist Terry Banks and Bassist Hunter Bennet are formerly of Julie Ocean while drummer Danny Ingram played with the legendary Swervedriver. Guitarist Bill Crandall, formerly of Adam West rounds out the band.

On "Winter Garden Light", the bands second album. Dot Dash (Taken from the Wire song of the same name) craft an impressive collection of
post-punk power pop. The band together elements of The Jam, Joy Division and the Buzzcocks with a dash of minimalism that has me thinking of the production values of
The Jesus Mary Chain's "Psychocandy". All of it blending together nicely to form a perfect Power Pop sound. "Winter Garden Light" has a refreshing and catchy vibe. Highlighted by mature song writing and structure. Each song has it own warm and distinctive feel with a hook laden, jangly vibe.

Though this took a few listens to find a deeper appreciation and connection with the songs.
I found myself enjoying more and more with each listen. "Winter Garden Light" is a record more than worth investing in.
James Damion

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