Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seaweed - Service Desk 7 inch

Seaweed was always one of those bands that lived outside the shadow of its genre.
Their sound was a mix of post core, punk, indie and what was yet to be copt as grunge. While allowing them to sit comfortably at the table with bands from any of the aforementioned formats. It was their music that set them apart and made them stand out.

On their new single Service Deck/The Weight
(Their first in thirteen years) Seaweed delivers the same hooks, tension and riffage fans are used to while keeping it fresh and not relying on nostalgia or old tricks.
The addition of keyboards on the last thirty-seconds of Service Deck add a new twist that surprisingly works.
The records B-side The Weight carries also has a driving rock sound that carries that classic Seaweed formula while adding a look into what hopes to be more music in the near future. No matter how you approach it this is one hell of a way to cap off the Summer.
James Damion

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