Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Control - Obsolete Through Automation 2011

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If you are a fan of bands that straddle the alt/punk/hardcore line like Far or even post hardcore bands like Rival Schools or Error Type: 11 then I can present Control to you with my highest recommendation.

"Obsolete Through Automation" is one hell of a well recorded/polished and professional sounding record. Hell, I am not sure that I can even describe just how impressed I am with this cd. The songs are super catchy and powerful with excellent vocals and the overall musicality is well beyond what I would expect from a relatively unknown band from NJ.

At times the music crosses the line into commercial alternative territory but it never remains there long enough to get uncomfortable, and fortunately there's enough grit and post hardcore riffing and bass rumbling to keep things firmly planted in the underground. I've been told that these guys kill live as well, I will definitely have to get off my ass and catch them the next time they play out...Dave G.

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