Friday, June 16, 2017

All this music; My first trip to Seattle's Easy Street Records.

I hopped my first Seattle bus for a trip to Seattle's Easy Street Records. With all of my records and CD's sitting in storage until my wife and me find a permanent home here. I've been experiencing some separation anxiety when it comes to my obsession with vinyl. Having heard the news of Chris Cornell's passing just before our morning flight to visit Seattle. I was left with the feeling that the copy pf Soundgarden's 'Screaming Life" I ordered from RevHq the week before may have sold out.
True to form, it did not arrive with my order a few days after my return to New Jersey.

My first impressions of Easy Street Records were lasting. Two floors of vinyl records, CD's, movies, books and apparel. I spent a good hour navigating the aisles and familiarizing myself with the stores abundant stock. The staff is both friendly and helpful. People who really know their stuff and are more than happy to pass on their knowledge. Easy Street features the ginormous stock you'd find in a big box music store. Yet they manage to keep the prices down. All while maintaining the intimacy and charm of a mom and pop type business.

As for the records and more importantly, the music. 1987's Debut SST records release "Screaming Life" and 1989's A&M records label "Louder than Love" perfectly bookmark 1988's sophomore release "Ultramega OK". The two releases I picked up on vinyl were the albums that originally introduced to the band and incredibly gifted singer / front man Chris Cornell. While I will be without a turntable for a good month or so. The download cards included will help me to further damage my hearing while listening on my headphones.


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