Thursday, June 1, 2017

All this Music: Crate Digging at Dave's

Welcome to a new feature on United By Rocket Science. "All this Music."  hopes to keep a tab on all the records and CD's that come in on a weekly basis. The thought of posting images, thoughts, reactions an maybe a few memories seemed like a good idea that hopes to have some staying power. 

Small 23 were and still are a very important band to me. Back in the early 90's the vibrant Chapel Hill indie and college music scene was to me what Seattle and Grunge was to the masses. The southern east cost was providing us indie kids with an abundant amount of new bands and noteworthy music. Small 23 just happened to be one of them. Having their early singles. I was lucky enough to see them live in both New York and New Jersey. I sat them down for an interview when they played Maxwell's and recall cramming the band into the clubs tiny bathroom for a picture. Seeing these records in one of Dave's sales bin brought back a lot of good memories of the band, their music and a time when my music palette was becoming more and more colorful. It also served as a reminder that the best record store I've ever been to is still located at my friends home. Thanks Dave G.


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