Monday, June 19, 2017

All this music; Citizens Arrest Vinyl Find

Though I may have stopped in at Singles Going Steady during my first visit to Seattle during my May visit to Seattle. I stopped short of making any purchases due to my fear of return flight and the fear of damage while in transit. A hard choice considering how many friends names, images and personal memories stared me right in the face. Some of whom I've called friends since childhood and my teens. Some of which I've grown to know from social media and reunions. While knowing I'd soon return as a newly transplanted resident.  The chance that those two Citizens Arrest records would be gone were pretty high.

Still in the first days of my new life as a WA resident. I was happy to find out that same record store I visited back in My was a seemingly short walk from my temporary digs on Taylor Ave.I took what tuned out to be a short walk over to Singles Going Steady to see what I could find. From the moment I walked in the door. I felt as if I had been transported to long gone days digging for Hardcore records in New York City. Everything from the Bad Brains "Live at CBGB's 1982" DVD to the many reiusses of classics from bands ranging  from Agnostic Front to Warzone. It wasn't long before I located the two Citizens Arrest records you see below. It wasn't until I brought those records to the counter that I found out the man running the store was a veteran of the early NYHC scene. Before I headed out. We were talking about bands like Reagan Youth and Urban Waste and why we thought their reunions were a joke. In the end. I can definitely see myself sending these back east to an old friend whose photographs are all over these.Only time will tell.

I've posted links to both records, as well as a live set. I highly recommend you checking them out. While the words "Savage" and "Brutal" come to mind. I, myself would have a hard time better describing their approach to Hardcore Punk.




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