Thursday, June 22, 2017

All this Music; French Toast, Bacon and Tops 'Sugar at the Gate'

Imagine if you can, the weekend. You're sitting in your new found favorite record store enjoying a heartly place of French Toast with a slathering side of bacon. Suddenly, the record store clerk slides in a CD and your already over stimulated senses go into overload. You jump from your stool to see just what has stimulated that part of your brain, but for the life of you. No matter how many sprints you take the counter. Your shorter than usual attention span can't remember the badly chosen band name or it's instantly forgettable title. Luckily, after entirely clearing my plate of any tangible evidence. I was able to focus my energy and attention to finding out and acquiring what had me tripping over my feet just moments ago. That band, Montreal's  Tops and their third proper album 'Sugar at the Gate' initially caught my attention with it's lush, chill and laid back vibe. In recent years, I've found my myself drawn to the more atmospheric charms of genres like dream pop, slow-core and shoegaze type stuff. Tops and their 2014 release 'Sugar at the Gate' fall into that realm rather nicely.

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