Wednesday, November 26, 2014

411 - The Side that you Cannot See Complete Discography 1990-1992

At a time when reunions are announced on a daily basis and every record ever recorded is being repressed, repackaged and reissued at ridiculous prices. It's good to see a lesser known, yet well deserved band get the Complete Discography treatment.  

411, a band that featured Dan O'Mahony (No For An Answer, Carry Nation, Speak 714)
Kevin Murphy (Farside, Headfirst), Josh Stanton (Farside) and Mario Rubalcaba
(Rocket From The Crypt, OFF!, Earthless,The Black Heart Procession), were, too say the least, a Post Hardcore powerhouse.
Musically, the band was ahead of their time. 411 grabbed the attention of the ever changing Hardcore scene with a melodic style that perfectly meshed the classic Southern California Hardcore sound with that of Washington D.C.'s
Revolution Summer melodies, emotion and musicality.

 The band backed it's sound with smart, thought provoking lyrics that questioned and explored topics such as spirituality, religion and nationalism amongst others.
"Those Homophobic" a song that, at the time, seemed light years ahead of it's time, addressed the topic of Homophobia head on. One that took on a the machismo culture of Hardcore and turned it on it's side.  Along with some of the great 411 songs such as 
Carnal Knowledge, Face the Flag and This Isn'tMe. There are covers of
Mad at Myself (Government Issue) and State Violence, State Control (Discharge)
The Side You Cannot See features 16 songs, including both the EP and LP versions of the bands aforementioned classic Those Homophobic.

Limited edition of 500 copies of color vinyl. Features a two sided fold out which features lyrics and images provided by noteworthy photographers Dave Sine and Chrissy Piper.
Aside from the absence of a digital download code. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing these songs for the first time in years. Melodic, energetic and thoughtful stuff that holds up well more than twenty years later. James Damion

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